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IFE has been awarded "top 10 elevator suppliers for the 2016 na

mengeluarkan waktu:2017-11-10 16:49:39   Editor: IFE Elevators   

    On January 4-6, 2017, under the auspices of the ministry of finance, the "12th national government procurement gathering annual meeting" hosted by the government procurement information and government procurement information network was held in Beijing. The express elevator is invited to attend the meeting and won the annual award of "top ten suppliers of elevator for the 2016 national government procurement elevator".



    The conference theme of "positive integration, insight into trends", from the central procurement center (the central state organs of government procurement center, including organ procurement center, the national procurement center, the state administration of taxation, centralized purchasing center, centralized purchasing center, general administration of customs of the people's bank of centralized purchasing center), the provincial centralized purchasing center, head of the central main ministries and provinces food drug safety, agriculture, forestry and other first-line representatives of law enforcement on purchasing units, colleges and universities, head of procurement center, the army system such as representative, a total of more than 400 people attended the meeting. 2016 has been an extraordinary year, and there have been many big events in government procurement. At the same time, as one of important product directory of government procurement, the elevator procurement scale is increasing year by year, with the increase of demand of elevator, the elevator purchase have been paid much attention by all parties, market competition is more intense.



    Pleasure of elevator with the high quality, safe products and efficient service, and his outstanding performance in the government procurement market, has won the "2015 national government procurement elevator safety preferred brand" title, the gain "2016 annual national government procurement best elevator suppliers" honor is an enjoyment to the elevator in the government procurement market performance in 2016. "2016 national top ten elevator suppliers" government procurement is the authority in the field of government procurement, through to the enterprise brand image, service ability, product quality and innovation ability of comprehensive evaluation, to select out the government procurement market are outstanding elevator suppliers, set up the new benchmark model elevator procurement market. The review committee decided to award the award to the express elevator, which will further encourage the express elevator to serve the government procurement market.



    Take it under the bridge and move on. Has 2016 draw a perfect period, the pleasure of the elevator also brings the development of the market in 2017: in industrial development under the new situation, pleasure of the elevator will consistently to "happy carrying permanent support" for the idea, with more excellent products and service, to provide government projects around the vertical transportation solutions effectively, bring more excellent service and experience for the user.


    Since pleasure of elevator in 2005 into the Singapore market, pleasure of elevators have been accumulated for Singapore government housing development board (HDB), road traffic administration, binhai boutique private elevator such as high-end residential projects more than 6000 units. For six consecutive years, it has been the core supplier of the Singapore housing development board (HDB).