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IFE helps the "One Belt And One Road" core area to build a new

mengeluarkan waktu:2017-11-10 11:40:31   Editor: IFE Elevators   

    In the total area of more than 160 square kilometers, accounting for one 6 of the area of the country's magic land, ice snow hill and gobi HanHai symbiosis, both the li river, and quirky gobi desert mirage, mysterious, in the long years of long, enduring! Now, with the implementation of the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy, this land is proud of the strong stance of the new silk road international cooperation bridge. She is the beautiful xinjiang!

    Recently, the pleasure of the elevator in xinjiang better news, after fierce rivalry and competition, the pleasure of the elevator finally emerge from numerous elevator brands, successful sign in urumqi, capital of central wan project, high quality, high configuration for this project to provide satisfaction elevator 2 m/s Metis 6 s products, with the satisfaction of product excellence craftsman attitude, to forge a urumqi unique power, the capital of the central flower wan benchmarking project.


    The capital of the central flower wan, is located in downtown urumqi area, taken by Australia's layer design organization planning, integrated into the "light luxury + fast fashion + slow art" neighborhood planning idea, has 310000 square meters international appeal community, high-grade residential, international static bar street, class a 5 a office buildings and five-star hotels, 3 billion, a huge sum of money to build the xinjiang chief life emotional appeal. So far, xinjiang region has invested in a large scale urban complex project.


    The story goes back three years to the collaboration with the express elevator. The capital of the central flower the first phase of the project has just started, nanyang pleasure of elevator workforce that has started to contact the relevant person in charge of this client from a remote town in frontier city arrive at austral specially - pleased elevator headquarters, pleasure of the elevator will be warm reception and introduces in detail the company's products, technology, production, service and so on each link, and get a positive recognition to the customer! Now three years later, the second phase of the project has been built and the time has come to select the brand of the elevator. At this point, the customer in mind, three years ago to investigate pleasure of elevator scene is still very clear, after the pleasure of xinjiang branch to coordinate the elevator, the client again to pleasure of elevator in-depth understanding. Pleasure of elevator according to the characteristics of the project since then, for the Metis recommended the company 6 s this product, Metis 6 s small machineroom elevator is pleased the elevator after careful market research, close to the market demand, combined with the export to Singapore market more than 6000 units elevator technology research and development experience, research and development of a high-end product with great concentration, Metis 6 s adopts the advanced elevator control system, one of the few domestic 3 d screen and capsules of round of beautiful huan of decoration such as configuration, all reflect the sincerity of this product, suitable for high-end office, the urban complex, large-scale residential and other various types of high-end projects. In details about Metis 6 s after the product, customer said this product not only perfect fit than the project itself, and the product configuration is high, advanced technology, comprehensive cost-effective, said the scene immediately, and choose this product.

    At present, the express elevator is actively building a professional team to prepare for the project, which is believed to be in the xinjiang 188, 224 production and construction corps, xinjiang agriculture.

    University, xinjiang kuqa government offices, and other landmarks, on the basis of project experience pleasure of the elevator will bring local residents more safe, comfortable and reliable by ladder services and experience! In the future, the express elevator will fully deepen the national "One Belt And One Road" strategy to help the urban development and contribute more to the "One Belt And One Road" strategy.