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IFE highlights the international elevator exhibition in Indonesia

tempo de emissão:2017-11-10 11:41:10   Editor: IFE Elevators   

July 27-29, 2016, Indonesia LIFT &ESCALATOR Expo 2016 is held in Jakarta, attracting many famous international elevator and parts brand enterprises! In order to continuously expand the international elevator market, express elevator overseas market development team participated in the 2016 Indonesia international elevator exhibition.


The 2016 Indonesia elevator exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition in Indonesia's elevator industry. The exhibition is guided by the ministry of industry and industry of Indonesia. With a population of more than 240 million and growing at the fastest rate in Asia, Indonesia has become one of southeast Asia's biggest markets for vertical transport and one of the world's most promising emerging markets. With huge economic and population growth, Indonesia is the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) attractive market, according to the economic forecasts, estimates that the country by 2030 will leap ahead of Germany and the UK, to become the world's seventh largest economy.


As the leader of elevator national brand, the express elevator has been actively adhering to the brand internationalization strategy since its inception, and has accumulated rich experience in overseas market expansion. Branches and service outlets have been established in many countries and regions around the world. With high quality products and efficient service, we are well received by international market and customers, and our products have been sold to 33 countries and regions all over the world. For five consecutive years China elevator brand export ranked far ahead, has been accumulated for HDB including Singapore, Singapore road traffic administration, coastal elevator boutique high-end residential, and other projects more than 6000 units, and six years in a row Singapore HDB strategic suppliers for core elevator (HDB). Become an important force on behalf of Chinese elevator brand in international competition and competition with foreign brands.


To showcase for the needs of the international brand image, satisfaction from the elevator with advanced technology, high-quality product quality, efficient service, to develop the international market development, in the exhibition, as major suppliers in Indonesia elevator market, pleasure of elevator attracted many professional advisory customers come to negotiate, to complete the pleasure of the elevator with clients from all over the world perfect docking, to further enrich and perfect the overseas marketing system of the pleasure of the elevator.


Muching always actively create international brand strategy, with the aid of the perfect appearance of the international elevator exhibition in Indonesia, for the pleasure of elevator expand overseas market and brand promotion again laid a solid foundation, to consolidate and enhance the pleasure of the elevator brand internationalization image and international competition strength, for the pleasure of the elevator to the rapid development of new color!