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Product Overview

METIS-6S compact machine room passenger elevator inherits METIS-6 safety concept, to meet personalized customization requirements.

Product Features

  • Independent control board + independent inverter

    faster, more stable, scalable, add safety features; More than 6,000 units has been installed in Singapore, exported to 33 countries. For 12 years’ experience, more than 10,000 units has been installed, focusing on the export and giving back to China.
  • 3D light curtain

    The quantity of infrared beam increased to 194, which is 100 beams more than normal 2D light curtain. It adopts the 3D stereo detection of the landing door entrance area.
  • Roller guide shoes

    flexible support, automatic compensation for guide rail installation error and the form and position tolerance; it is applied to the elevator with speed v≤6m/s.
  • Guide rail

    The car guide rail is upgraded to T90/BE high-precision guide rail, the counterweight guide rail is upgraded toT75-3/B solid guide rail.
  • Cabin

    It is well-designed, whose car height is 2600mm and door opening height is 2200mm, the cabin wall using δ1.5 SUS304 stainless steel +δ1.5 SUS304 mirror stainless steel etching, the ceiling usingδ1.5 SUS304 stainless steel + LED light + mirror stainless steel etching, and the COP using 8.4-inch multimedia LCD display, soft light button and voice announcement as standard function.
  • Humanization designed cabin space

    For the same shaft size, the cabin can adopt wide car design for passenger to reach a better ride experience, otherwise, adopt the deep car design which is suitable for carrying furniture, for example the 800kg load deep cabin can easily accommodate a 1.8m wide mattress.


METIS-6S  Optional Function:
1、The HOP can be customized and includes a variety of design, such as the cabin decoration which is suitable for luxury hotels, high-end office buildings or high-end residential; the HOP including button type, keyboard touch type, LCD touch type, one-card type, destination type, the building integrated type.
2、The community one-card security system can be customized, which is directly combined with community IC card.
3、The community visitor security system can be customized, which is directly combined with community intercom system without extra equipment.
4、The destination floor group control system can be customized which can enhance the elevator transportation efficiency and reduces the passenger waiting time.
5、The energy regeneration system can be customized. The energy generated by elevator can be converted into electricity so as to saving energy.
No. Items Standard
1 Rated load(kg) 800(10P) 1050(14P) 1350(18P) 1600(21P)
2 Speed(m/s) 1 1.75 2 1 1.75 2 2.5 1 1.75 2 1 1.75 2
3 Control method Full selective collection
4 Driving method VVVF driving
5 Door operator VVVF door operator
6 Traction machine Permanent magnet synchronous gearless
7 Control system CTRL70
8 Communication method Serial communication
9 Shaft size(W*D) 2000x2000 2200x2100 2600x2200 2600x2500
10 Wide car size(mm)
1400x1350x2600 1600x1500x2600 1950x1500x2600 1950x1750x2600
11 Deep car size(mm)
1200x1600x2600 1300x1750x2600 1700x1750x2600 1700x2000x2600
12 Door opening size(mm)
800x2200 CO 900x2200 CO 1100x2200 CO 1100x2200 CO
13 Travel(m) ≤45 ≤75 ≤90 ≤45 ≤75 ≤90 ≤120 ≤45 ≤75 ≤90 ≤45 ≤75 ≤90
14 Traction machine position Inside the machine room
15 Overhead(mm) 4500 4700 4800 4500 4700 4800 5050 4600 4800 4900 4600 4800 4900
16 Pit(mm) 1500 1600 1700 1500 1600 2000 2150 1800 1950 2000 1800 1950 2000
17 Rated power(kW) 6.3 9.6 11 8.1 13.4 15.4 19.5 9.6 16.8 19.2 11.7 21 24.1
18 Rated current(A) 15 22 25 20 29 34 42 22 38 44 27 46 55
19 Main power & cable size 380V,50Hz,3-phase 5-wire,zero wire and ground wire separated, requirement refer to construction drawings
3*6mm2+2*6mm2 3*10mm2+2*6mm2 3*6mm2+2*6mm2 3*10mm2+2*6mm2 3*10mm2+2*6mm2 3*10mm2+2*6mm2
Note:1. The above overhead height is based on 150mm ceiling thickness. The overhead height will change according to different ceiling thickness.