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Good News——IFE Elevators Won the Bid of Singapore New Industrial Building

issuing time:2018-06-25 16:40:23   Editor: IFE Elevators    

    Recently good News came from IFE Elevators overseas market. With the advantage of product-safety development concept and after-sale services, IFE Elevators successfully won the bid to equip 93 elevators for Singapore new industrial building. Once again, IFE Elevators gained recognition in the overseas market after won the bid of India’s New Delhi Metro project and North Central Railway project and etc.. Thus, IFE Elevators received a fruitful result by sticking to “Belt and Road Strategy”, in the meanwhile, IFE Elevators , “The world’s reliable Elevator brand”, bursting new color in international market!

    The New Industrial Building is the new project built in the east region of Bedok planning area by Singapore government.With the main purpose of food processing in industrial district,  the selection of elevator must meet the stringent standards of wireless, electromagnetic compatibility, hygiene, environment-friendly and customer protection.
     IFE Elevators won the bid to equip 93 units of elevator for Singapore new industrial building project with IFE Joymore series and ATLAS series in a severe competition with world-renown elevator companies. As the signature model of IFE passenger elevator, Joymore series has been launched for 7 generations. It is a product with the advantage of construction space-efficient that developed by IFE Elevators Company for the market of residential, hotel and office building and also show the core of safety, comfort, energy-saving and environmental protection design concept.
    IFE freight elevator “ATLAS Series” are selected by world-famous enterprise such as B&Q, ABB, Renault Group, Foxconn Group and etc. After many years of market practices and technical updates, IFE “ATLAS Series” freight elevator has been able to meet high-intensity, full-load, continuous operation and are suitable for increasing logistics load requirements.
    Today, at the start and end point of hundreds and thousands of logistics and large-scale manufacturing enterprises worldwide, there will be 8000 IFE ATLAS freight elevators with superior performance and outstanding maintenance services, and become the top choice of many international manufacturers and logistics providers by carrying more than 100,000 tons cargo every day.
    As one of the countries with the highest elevator density in the world, Singapore has many special and strict standards for elevators under its certain cultural environment. Therefore, only a small number of elevator companies are entitled to enter the market and IFE Elevators has become the leading company in the China domestic export to the elevator market in Singapore with its comprehensive strength in R&D and services.
    The elevator standard of Singapore using is SS:550 which is similar to European EN81. Elevators of some projects need to install window glass doors, accessible control box with braille button, dual camera surveillance and LED lighting for car use, higher safety standard by using 3D light curtain protection and remote monitoring system and requires down to 0.4 of failure rate of elevator within 3 months after delivery.
    IFE Elevators has been the core elevator supplier of Singapore HDB since 2007. Currently, IFE Elevators provides more than 6,000 elevators for HDB projects in Singapore. The successful bid for 93 elevators of the new industrial building is a demonstration of technology and strength. At present, IFE Elevators take Singapore as a starting point to complete the full coverage of southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Russia’s CIS, Africa and South America to the global.
    With the rapid development of the global economy and the increasing land resources intensity, high-rise buildings such as motel, hotel, residential, office building have gradually become the mainstream building in modernization. As the most important and necessary transportation tools, elevators have gradually become a necessity in people’s lives.
    As a “The world’s reliable Elevator brand”—- IFE Elevators provides outstanding services for product manufacturing, installation and after-sale maintenance. By achieving the needs of international high-end commercial buildings in comprehensive way, buildings with IFE Elevators are built to contribute to the development of the city continuously.