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With“One Belt One Road”,IFE accelerates the expansion of new markets

issuing time:2018-01-03 09:32:49   Editor: IFE Elevators    

   “The China’s One Belt One Road is a road to peace”, Mike Gravel, the Former democratic senator said at the UN for China’s One Belt One Road strategy, pointing out, “I think their strategy is the only solution to integrate the world through economic benefits.”
    Since the official formulation of the One Belt One Road national strategy by China, the One Belt One Road strategy has aroused strong repercussions around the world after just a few years of development. The countries along the route have all responded to the initiative. Like many other Chinese enterprises, IFE Elevators also opened up a common space for building dreams by sharing the benefits of “One Belt One Road ".
    It is reported that after the official formulation of the "One Belt One Road” national strategy, China has already signed 46 cooperation agreements with 39 countries and national organizations. In 2016, China directly invested more than 60 billion U.S dollars into One Belt One Road countries. With the development of “One Belt One Road”, the elevator industry is expected to have about 1%-3% growth because of One Belt One Road countries construction, transport, livelihood development in the 3-5 years. In the next 10 years, the infrastructure investment requirements will reach 8 trillion U.S dollars which shows that the market is potential and huge. 
    Some experts also pointed out that even supported with the national strategy; Chinese national elevator brands still would encounter difficulties during development, therefore, advanced technology and high quality product are the keys. The national elevator listed enterprises in China, such as IFE Elevators, are the model and reference for expanding the "One Belt One Road" market. According to the relevant responsible person of the IFE elevators, the IFE international influences are increasing year by year thanks to the national strategy and governor support. However, only relying on the promotion of government is not enough for the development of IFE Elevators. IFE Elevators should return to the essence of the enterprise that is providing customers with high quality products and services.
    The responsible person specifically mentioned the Defense Ministry KDU National Defense University Hospital project in Sri Lankan, one of the One Belt One Road important countries. In order to provide better service, IFE Elevator set up a branch company in Sri Lanka and stationed professionals to provide pre-sales, sales and after-sales services in all aspects. It is learned that in this project, due to the limited total generating capacity in Sri Lanka, an average of more than 20 power-off frequencies per day led directly to the failure of commission and test at the site, resulting in unstable elevator operation. At the project ceremony, the President of Sri Lanka gave highly praises to IFE Elevator and China!
    At present, IFE elevators established a long-term and stable cooperative relation with One Belt One Road partners in more than 40 countries such as Singapore, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Russia, India and others.  Recently, the Maldives government officially issued that IFE obtain 54 elevators supply and installation orders of Hulhumalé island 7000 residential large-scale projects, which proved that IFE high quality products and service overseas market strategy is correct. At the same time, it also provides a feasible "shortcut" for China's national elevator brands to develop the One Belt One Road market.
    One Belt One Road is an all-around opening up strategy. With the gradual implementation of this strategy, more and more Chinese enterprises will carry on business here. Grasping the opportunity, IFE Elevators and other national elevator brands develop the core competitiveness through building excellent elevator product quality and service to win more international market share and reputation.