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Corporate Culture

Speech From General Manager

After two decades, IFE Elevators have experienced a process from zero to one, from small to large, from weak to strong, from Guangdong to nationwide, from China to the world. Today, IFE Elevators have reached a new level and a new milestone in R&D capabilities, production capacity, sales performance and tax payment.
Hereon, I would like to thank all the staff and partners for your support and help in these years. Your pioneering spirit and innovation have won effective opportunities; your tireless and hard work, meticulous and thoughtful service have won more and more praises; your hard working and obscure efforts interpret IFE’s brand proposition of Moving & Serving with own actions.
We will continue to break through the strategic positioning, optimize management services, improve quality standards, strengthen the implementation capacity, strengthen independent innovation, speed up the transition and upgrading to achieve rapid catch-up and further give full play to the technological innovation, new product development and marketing.

Company Commitment

Moving:Make every elevator moving become a process of creating happiness for the users, and let the users touch and possess happiness every day.
Serving: IFE Elevators provide 24/7 “SIDE BY SIDE” pre-sale, sales and after-sale services for the users and partners.
Moving & Serving is the constant commitment of IFE Elevators to the users and partners and the assiduous dream of IFE staff. The realization of dreams is reflected in every start and running of IFE elevators.

Cultural Values

Sincere& Efficient: IFE staff adheres to the guideline of “Sincere& Efficient”, and shoulder social responsibility actively Rewards original intention with ingenuity, makes good products, and meets customer needs in good faith and high efficiency.

Mission vision

Mission--Committed to make the integral solution offering safe, comfortable and intelligent transfer system
Vision--Being a brand trusted by the world
Value--Uphold Customer-oriented concept, the need of customer is what we do for. We are proud of person of diligence and insist on the sincereness, high efficiency and innovation.