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A large professional elevator enterprise that integrates R&D, design, production, installation and after-sales service

About Us

R&D system

IFE has been committed to building and improving the technology innovation system of the company, relies on the innovation platform of provincial enterprise technology center and provincial elevator energy-saving engineering and technology R&D center, takes technological innovation and R&D as the breakthrough for future sustainable development and leading industry, and enhances the core competitiveness of the company through independent innovation.

Results and achievements

Adhere to the brand characteristics, advocate craft innovation, pursue excellent quality and get excellent results
We have obtained 144 patents, including 22 patents for core technology inventions, 104 utility model patents, and 18 design patents; - hold 62 registered trademarks, including China famous brand “IFE”; - six products have passed EU CE certification; - six products have passed Russian CU-TR certification; - two products have passed fire rated landing door certification of Singapore; - three products have won the title of high-tech products in Guangdong Province; - five products have won the title of independent innovation products in Guangdong Province; - remote monitoring system - 28 independent R&D projects in last three years effectively support the development of the company.

Design concept

Following the international standard, it is the principle of energy saving, environmental protection, safety and efficiency
Product design and manufacturing are based on national and international standards, general selection and serialization of parts achieve iterative upgrade of the products. - In mechanical structure: use serialized components that meet relevant national and international standards to achieve complementary, interchangeable and alternative design and manufacturing. - In electrical system: use general data communication CAN bus and interface that meet international standards to expand a variety of personalized functional requirements of customers. Elevator control system: use redundant I/O interface design, which allows diversified and serialized function settings of the I/O interface through user-friendly functional parameters in the human-computer interaction interface. The components of electrical control system are designed into high, medium and low grades, and use modular and integrated design and unified interface protocol to achieve scalability, integration and iteration.

Process quality

Ingenuity and lean management ensure perfect presentation of the details of the product quality
IFE Elevators have the international advanced automated robot production lines, CNC laser cutting machines, multi-station CNC punch presses, CNC folding machines, welding robots and a full set of world advanced elevator manufacturing equipment, follow the forefront production management concept and adopt mature production information management system to integrate production, raw materials, technology, equipment and customer feedback. Even subtle flaws can be immediately found and improved to achieve truly lean production, so that the products of IFE Elevator have unparalleled competitiveness and offer customers better experience.

Production and research cooperation

IFE integrates the advantages of industry, universities and research institutions, continues to enhance the company’s technology R&D level and strengthen the product competitiveness through independent R&D and cooperative development, and effectively absorbs the outstanding talents of cooperative institutions to provide talent guarantee for sustainable development of the technology center.

R&D team

Professional R&D and engineering team of more than 700 talents constantly pursue super-excellence - IFE Elevators focus on the promoting effect of advanced talents and cutting-edge technology to the enterprise, and fulfill this concept, so that IFE Elevators have been in high-speed development status and industry leading position. At present, the company has more than 700 capable talents in R&D and engineering team. With 20 years of industry technology and experience accumulated in the elevator industry, we can provide personalized services, diversified programs, customized options, one-stop product and service solution and efficient technical support.

Experiment base

The Company has one elevator test tower: the 85m high tower enables R&D of 6m/s high-speed elevator; one escalator test tower have 40m testing height; IFE is one of the few enterprises that have both escalator and elevator test towers in China. - To continue to provide stable and perfect products and services for customers, we began to set up the laboratory in April 2012. After five years of unremitting efforts, we have built 600m2 central laboratory, have more than 20 inspectors for various test items, and more than 120 pieces of testing and inspection equipment.
At present, we can carry out more than 30 test items, including tensile strength, salt spray test, speed governor mechanical (electrical) speed, elongation after fracture, tensile strength, Leeb hardness, fatigue test, rubber hardness, mechanical durability, constant damp-heat, low temperature, high temperature, steel rope fatigue test, and rotating parts dynamic balance test for elevators and escalators.